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New Program Solves the Stranded Solar Meter Problem for California Farms

SB 594, a law that went into effect in PG&E utility territory February 2014, now allows property owners to aggregate the electricity load of multiple utility meters scattered throughout a single parcel or multiple continuous parcels and credit the bills … Continue reading

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Infographic: 10 Affordable Ways to Go Solar and Years to Payback for Each

While installing a home solar system on your roof is the main way to go solar today, there are at least nine more affordable ways that you can take advantage of solar energy. In this informative infographic created by the … Continue reading

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Solar Home Financing 101: What’s a Solar Lease?

A solar lease is one of the most common ways to finance home solar systems today in California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and other areas where solar leases are allowed. But how does this type of solar … Continue reading

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15 Years and Counting for REC Solar

Founder Fred Sisson on the roof of REC Solar’s first installation, 15 years ago. It’s anniversary time. This month marks REC Solar’s 15th anniversary. It was November 1997 that Cal Poly graduates Judy Staley and Fred Sisson founded ‘Renewable Energy … Continue reading

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POLL: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Solar

Despite renewable energy being a wedge issue this past election season, voters support solar and would like to see government do more to support the growing industry, according to national polling conducted in September by Hart Research Associates and commissioned … Continue reading

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