5 Really Cool and Useful Solar Powered Gadgets

There’s something really cool about solar gadgets. They usually have a sleek high-tech modern design, and they’re also very practical for our energy hungry and unpredictable world, when you never know when you’ll need extra power.

With that in mind, check out these 5 products to solar energize your life, home, and home-away-from home.

Solar Powered Pool Cleaner

While it’s great to have a home swimming pool, few people enjoy the cost and/or effort to clean it. Now, there’s a solar powered answer: The Solar-Breeze robotic pool cleaner.

It’s the same concept as the Roomba, that little robot vacuum cleaner that automatically runs through your house vacuuming while you play or go to work. However, this solar robot cleans the leaves and debris off the surface of your pool. It also carries chlorine tablets that add chlorine to your pool, another time-saving task.

The manufacturer says that the Solar-Breeze is designed to clean over 90% of the pool debris before it sinks to the bottom, which can save a lot of energy on pool filtration pumps and the time doing bottom cleanings. Plus, no need for a pool skimmer. Take a look at this customer review:

WakaWaka Portable Solar Power Charger

Today, there are many choices for portable solar chargers. Some come with a built in battery, while others are just portable solar panels without any battery backup.

One of the more recent battery-based entries is the WakaWaka Power, a solar powered charger and a lamp.  With a fully charged WakaWaka, you can charge your iPhone in about two hours. It also serves as a lamp that can be on for up to 80 hours, depending on the brightness you need. Plus, WakaWak can set off an emergency SOS light signal.

As far as solar recharging goes, the panel itself isn’t very powerful, which means it’s going to take eight hours or so to fully recharge the battery with sunlight alone, but you can instead recharge through an outlet and be prepared for that day when you only have sun to charge. There are also some charity benefits to WakaWaka. See their video:

Solar Power Generator

While the WakaWaka may be good for a day hike or a my-cell-phone-is-dying-emergency, for power outages or camping trips that last a few days, you might prefer a more hefty solar battery generator from GoalZero.

GoalZero provides a wide range of Yeti solar-charged battery kits that can not only charge your cellphone or multiple cellphones multiple times, but it can even power a refrigerator or an electric hand saw. The largest 30 watt solar charger will fully recharge the Yeti battery in 22 to 24 hours, so really that means it will take two days if you’ve totally exhaust the battery, which would be unusual unless you had all of your gear plugged in 24/7. Check it out.

Solar Hot Water Thermal Boiler

If you’re off grid camping or hiking, you might need more than electricity, like…a hot cup of coffee or Mom’s chicken soup. As long as there’s daylight, the SunRocket solar kettle and thermos will be able to make that cup of Joe you’ve been craving in the mountains and keep it warm for hours.

The SunRocket uses an evacuated vacuum tube (the same technology used for solar thermal panels) with reflective panels to heat up to 17 ounces of liquid in as little as 30 minutes, according to the manufacturer. The video below shows it heating snow into boiling water in about two hours, but air temperature liquid should heat up to 170 degrees in around 90 minutes, depending on the sun intensity. Once hot, the thermos can hold heat for hours.

Ultra Luxury Solar Powered Tent

Finally, this ultra-luxury Leav Tent isn’t on the market yet, but it’s so cool we had to include it. Designed by Benjamin Charles, a French industrial designer, the Leav Tent is a mobile platform-based tent with collapsible solar electric panels and solar hot water panels. So, you’ll have both running hot water and electricity as you “rough it” out in the campground.  The kit also includes a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a living room. Naturally, those rooms are all very cozy, but you’ll have all the comforts of home…if that’s what you’re looking for in the wilderness.

While all of these solar gadgets are great, they all have limited uses. If you really want to take advantage of the full potential of solar power, get a free solar quote from REC Solar. It’s easy and it’s educational, too. Start here.

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