Infographic: 10 Affordable Ways to Go Solar and Years to Payback for Each

While installing a home solar system on your roof is the main way to go solar today, there are at least nine more affordable ways that you can take advantage of solar energy.

In this informative infographic created by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a well-respected renewable energy “think-and-do tank,” RMI lays out 10 ways to add solar technology to your home and also outlines the average years to payback. The suggestions range from installing a clothesline to dry clothes, to skylights, and of course, installing solar PV.

Solar Options for Homeowners
While these numbers are average years, everyone’s home is going to have differences. Especially with solar PV systems, your years for payback will vary by the amount of sunlight you get, where you live, local rebates, your utility rates in your area, your financing method, and many other factors.

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