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Commercial Solar Blog

A Solar Revolution in New York

September 26, 2013
By REC-Admin


Thanks to bold policy commitments and high electricity costs, New York is today the most exciting commercial solar market in the U.S.

Since Governor Cuomo launched his ‘NY-Sun’ initiative last year – seeking to quadruple the amount of customer-sited solar deployed in New York between 2011 and 2013 – businesses, homeowners and utilities have worked to install or develop nearly 300 megawatts of new solar. Indeed, more solar electric systems are being developed since ‘NY-Sun’ was launched in 2012 than in the entire prior decade combined. As a result, New York is expected to be a top-five residential and commercial solar market this year, rivaling solar powerhouses including California, Arizona and New Jersey.

The reason for New York’s solar blitz is simple – inexpensive solar coupled with attractive, low-money-down financing (and monetary incentives provided by electric companies and NYSERDA) makes solar a strong financial proposition. New Yorkers are learning quickly that solar allows them to save real money on electric bills without high upfront costs. Expensive conventional electricity solar even more attractive - the 20.8 cents per kWh New York households paid for electricity in July was 51.8% more than the nationwide average of 13.7 cents per kWh.

REC Solar has now constructed commercial systems for multiple New York clients. Our dedicated sales and installation teams are not only helping people decimate their electric bills with solar, we’re jointly building an exciting new clean energy economy in the state and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Emerging solar markets like New York pose challenges and opportunities for both solar companies and their customers. On one hand, policymakers often offer relatively-high financial incentives for early solar adopters – in order to create a vibrant, motivated customer base which encourages investment and attracts solar companies to the state. On the other hand, local planning and permitting agencies in emerging solar markets are often unfamiliar with residential and commercial solar electric systems, which can slow installations until small-scale solar permitting becomes routine. Right now Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Orange counties are generating the highest returns for our residential solar customers, but we have bigger plans for New York in the future.

Visit our our New York Commercial Solar page to see how much you can start saving right away with solar in New York.

With a solar electric system on your home or business you can put cash in your wallet, generate your own electricity, and fuel a clean energy revolution right in your own neighborhood. We’re here to help with an experienced, friendly team that help determine whether solar is right for you, and develop a turnkey solar solution to meet your needs.