How to Make Money with Solar

How to make money with solar

Let’s address a question frequently asked by prospective customers: “How do I make money with solar?”

Generally, residential and commercial solar’s economic proposition is saving money. There are exceptions to this rule, but our customer’s solar electric systems are enabling them to save real money on electric bills from day one – often for little to no money upfront. That’s precisely what REC Solar-installed systems are doing for more than 9,000 businesses and homes across the country. In fact, these solar systems will offset more than $20 million in electricity costs every year.

As a result, solar is particularly well-suited for those with high electricity bills. Many states with relatively high electricity costs – including California, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – are also prominent solar markets, with thousands of new solar systems installed each year.

Let’s get back to our original question – how can REC Solar customers save money and generate revenue with solar? First, while it’s theoretically possible for businesses and homeowners with solar to produce more electricity than they use and be compensated for the excess generation, in practice it’s rarely a good deal. In most states, utilities pay only token amounts for the extra electricity production, and producing that much electricity often requires a larger, slightly more expensive solar system. The benefit almost never justifies the cost.

Yet there is a way in which many of our customers make money with solar – referrals. Refer a friend or neighbor to REC Solar, and if they select us as their solar provider, you receive payment starting at $500.00. Costco members or others may be eligible for more.

This is a tangible opportunity. With roughly 50% of new customers coming from referrals, we pay tens of thousands of dollars to our customers every month. Some REC Solar customers have made dozens of successful referrals and been compensated accordingly. After all, these referral payments are limitless. That’s real money.

Of course, a successful referral program relies on satisfied customers, professional workmanship, quality materials, and after-sales service levels which are second to none. That’s our bag. After all, our success depends on satisfied customers telling friends, neighbors, and colleagues about solar’s many benefits.

Let’s save and make money with solar. For more information about REC Solar’s referral program, please visit

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