POLL: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Solar

Despite renewable energy being a wedge issue this past election season, voters support solar and would like to see government do more to support the growing industry, according to national polling conducted in September by Hart Research Associates and commissioned by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

“American voters have spoken loud and clear – they love solar and they want more of it. Republicans, independents, and Democrats are unified in calling on Congress to increase our use of solar energy in America,” said Rhone Resch, SEIA President and CEO.

The polling found that 92% of likely voters feel that the U.S. should develop and use more solar energy. Notably, this support spanned the conventional partisan divide with 84% of Republicans, 95% of independents, and 98% of Democrats agreeing.

This favorable perspective translated directly into bipartisan support for solar incentives. 78% of respondents said the government should provide tax credits and financial incentives to encourage solar energy. Two-thirds of swing voters (67%) chose solar above any other energy source to receive these incentives.

While voters were unsure about solar’s affordability, Resch noted that costs are falling dramatically, making solar an affordable option for millions of families and businesses.

“We need to get the word out across the country that solar is an affordable and reliable choice today – not just in California,” said Resch. “Solar is cost-competitive today whether you’re in Phoenix, Arizona or Dayton, Ohio. Families and companies are seeing real savings every day thanks to their decision to go solar.”

See the complete results at Seia.org, and check out what REC Solar is doing in states like California and Arizona.

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